You Need A Lawyer When Negligence Changes Your Life

Many car and motorcycle accident victims are initially unaware that they suffered a brain injury due to a sudden blow to the head in a motor vehicle collision. Over time, they become unable to concentrate, experience memory loss, and suffer speech issues. The need for immediate legal representation is vital to hold the responsible party accountable and build a case to maximize compensation.

If you or a loved one is experiencing behavioral changes, depression or anxiety, you must act quickly to get medical help. Equally as important is to secure the services of an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney.

Time Is Of The Essence To Contact A Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer

Ciaccio Law Firm P.C. is known throughout Tucson and Arizona as a full service personal injury law firm. From the moment you retain our law firm, we will handle all aspects of your case. Starting with your initial consultation, we will get to know you and identify the specific issues surrounding your case.

Michael G. Ciaccio's commitment to personalized representation means that he will customize strategies for you to your benefit.

While you focus on medical treatment, we get to the facts and take the steps necessary to prove that negligence permanently changed your life. We thoroughly analyze the physical evidence, accident reports, medical records, and economic analysis to show the financial effects of a traumatic brain injury.

As you work to put your life back together, we assemble a strong and compelling case. While settlement is common, we will take your personal injury claim to court if that provides the best possible outcome.

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