A Comprehensive Approach In Car Accident Claims

In one split second, a car accident can change your life. In the short time following the collision, medical care is vital. Crashes caused by negligence also require legal representation from a skilled and experienced attorney.

Legal Advocacy For Residents Of Tucson and Accident Victims Throughout Arizona

Michael G. Ciaccio has represented injured Tucson residents in need of advocacy and more. He established Ciaccio Law Firm P.C. to provide clients with full-service personal injury representation, which begins with your property damage claim. You may be without the use of a vehicle that has been damaged or totaled. We will help you pursue your claim for repairs and for a rental car.

While you recover, we tailor strategies based on your needs and the specific issues surrounding your car accident. We will build a case for you by visiting the accident site and analyzing police reports, witness statements, and accident reconstruction findings.

Many serious and fatal accidents settle. While trial is an option, we educate you on the trial process. In a courtroom, you will be looked upon as the responsible party, not the victim. Defense lawyers will investigate your social media posts and medical records to question the severity of the injuries you suffered, both immediately and long-term.

Time Is Of The Essence In Contacting An Attorney

If you were injured in a car-on-bicycle accident or a car-on-motorcycle accident, take action to protect your rights. Call Ciaccio Law Firm P.C. at 520-888-3135 or fill out our online intake form.


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