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Unlike other vehicles where drivers are protected by a steel enclosure, seatbelts and air bags, motorcyclists do not travel with that level of safety. Regardless of skill and caution, a collision with a car or truck can immediately change or end a life. Victims who survive are often left with catastrophic spinal or brain injuries.

Reckless driving by a careless driver often leads to severe injuries or wrongful death. If you have been victimized by negligence, you need to focus on recovery. While you heal or grieve the loss of a loved one, you also need legal representation to hold the responsible party accountable. You need the level of dedication and diligence that the Ciaccio Law Firm P.C. is known for throughout Arizona.

Full-Service Personal Injury Legal Representation Following A Life-Changing Motorcycle Crash

Attorney Michael G. Ciaccio established our Tucson law firm to provide full-service personal injury legal representation. No task is too small. No step is too insignificant. Starting with property damage claims, we help you secure repairs or a replacement motorcycle.

From there, we investigate all aspects of your motorcycle accident, thoroughly reviewing accident reports, witness statements and accident reconstruction data. Taking a fact-based approach helps us maximize compensation necessary for permanent injuries, partial or full paralysis, scarring, and disfigurement.

Put Your Trust In Attorney Michael G. Ciaccio

Do not rely on your insurance company to take on the complexities of your motorcycle accident. Their goal is to quickly dispose of your case, minimize the damages, and pay you as little as possible.

Take action for yourself or a loved one and even the odds you face with one telephone call and contact Ciaccio Law Firm P.C. today. Call 520-888-3135 or fill out our online intake form.


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